After-sales warranty

The concept of guarantee depends on the processes of production. Hats, watches, shirts, electronic goods and so on. It’s not just the excitement of selling a new one. We live with these products.

Hyundai began to give warranty for 5 years or 100 km cars in 2000s. This was the first and interesting development at that time. Now most car companies sell their vehicles with similar warranty.

We wanted to analyze what our customers live and what they need with this product while guaranteeing the production of our accessories.

Coarse draft, We can evaluate the craft operations of jewelry in three stages.

Pre-mold processes such as press, casting
Surface treatment

The deterioration that we see in jewelry products is basically as follows.

Falling of stones
Dismantling of coatings
Chains break

You’il have time to sell. If the products deteriorate during this time?

In this case, why not sell our customers at a later time! What matters is to exceed customer satisfaction and make you happy.

Until you sell;

Installation of low stones
Removing and polishing dense scratches
Renewal of coatings
Reassembly of broken chains

We do it for free. We will do our best for problems that we cannot think of other than these. Any questions you may have
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